VOMA’s Virtual Office

Virtual Office Management Small Business Hub Mandurah

Are you wanting to expand your clientele without expanding your overheads? Can’t even get a look in on those large jobs as you are still thought of a home-based business? Well, you no longer need to rent office space to expand!!!

As a VOMA Virtual office subscriber we guarantee you will receive:

So what do you get?

We have a number of monthly Virtual Office packages available for you to choose from.

These services CAN include:

  • A business address in a prime business location
  • All mail scanned and emailed to you direct
  • Professional office and training room available (hourly rate applies)
  • Office Receptionist to greet clients (including waiting room)
  • Appointment Scheduling (Premium Package only -limited availability)

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, sign up below, or contact our professional, locally based team of experts to start building today.