Certified Training

certified training in Xero Software

Certified training in Xero Software

We love the packages we use and want to share them with the world. We are certified in many different software applications and partner with the providers so we are able to receive additional training and roll outs to help us help you.

We provide regular group based training for our major cloud-based apps such as Xero, Vend, Hub Doc, Receipt Bank, Kounta, Tanda, Deputy and many more. Check out our timetable below for our next session or email us for more details.

We can also cater a training package to your business needs, based on one app or across a suite of apps. We can provide training one on one or for a group of staff and even come to your work place and provide on the job training for Point of Sale based systems such as Vend or Kounta.

Contact us and learn from the experts today.